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I’ve been where you are…

Tired of dull InfoSec trainings that make your team yawn?


InfoSec meets PubQuiz:
Boost team spirit & camaraderie

As a team leader, IT & web consultant, and adoption trainer for 19 years, I’ve transformed snooze-worthy training into engaging experiences. Realizing that trainees were losing interest, I experimented with various formats until I perfected the PubQuiz format. With over 1100 successful quizzes, I’ve captured the attention of today’s fast-paced generation. Let me help you engage your team, deliver valuable insights, and create memorable Quick Wins, all while raising your team’s InfoSec awareness

  • jonas-geuens-review-safe-online jonas-geuens-review-safe-online

    This innovative, engaging format not only educated our team but also sparked a renewed interest in information security.

    Jonas Geuens
    Head Of CRO – UPTHRUST
  • andrew-de-meij-rgf-safe-online andrew-de-meij-rgf-safe-online
    „Effortless setup & comprehensive Pub Quiz pack turned my team into online safety champions!“
    Andrew de Meij
    Teammanager – RGF Staffing
  • nam-chau-review-safe-online nam-chau-review-safe-online

    „Skeptical at first. It sounded too good to be true. But after seeing it in action, I was more than pleasantly surprised.“

    Nam Hing Chau
    Marketing manager – Italy Presso Yousign

    ” Effortless setup & comprehensive Pub Quiz pack turned my team into online safety champions! “

    Picture this: Transform your team’s mindset effortlessly with my comprehensive PubQuiz pack! Save time as a team leader and build a security-aware culture. The captivating PubQuiz sparks curiosity, helping your team remember vital info, stay vigilant, and create a safe workspace where everyone thrives.


    Still unsure? Let your team be the judge with my PubQuiz pack

    When I used to conduct InfoSec PubQuizzes, I’d always ask teams for feedback. Overwhelmingly positive responses and impressive stats speak for themselves. As a team leader or scrum master, you should do it too! After the PubQuiz, ask your team members what they want to learn more about, then inquire if they enjoyed the educational PubQuiz format. Over 85% will say ‘Yes’ – and you’ll see the difference it makes!


    Hi, I’m Zach from the Netherlands – creator of the government-approved InfoSec PubQuiz format

    My InfoSec PubQuiz format and content have the Dutch government’s stamp of approval, along with the Police and numerous government cybersecurity initiatives. It’s even used by big names like Microsoft, Google, and all IT and telecom companies in the Netherlands. Committed to making security learning engaging and accessible, my goal is to establish a worldwide learning platform by 2025 that delivers substantial knowledge retention.

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    Thankful for my growing,

    loyal client base

    InfoSec PubQuiz Developed
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    Creating exceptional InfoSec PubQuizzes
    with unwavering commitment

    My dedication to crafting top-notch InfoSec PubQuizzes shines through in the fantastic feedback and heightened security awareness.

    • arnold-pubquiz-infosec-1 arnold-pubquiz-infosec-1

      I know the value of secure information. When I heard about the Infosec Pubquiz pack, I was intrigued but unsure. However, it’s been a game changer, enhancing our operational security significantly.

      Arnold van Uden
      Logistics Manager – Ministry of Defence
    • martin-houtman-safe-online-review martin-houtman-safe-online-review

      „We were hunting for a way to make Data Security less, you know, yawn-inducing. Zach’s PubQuiz package did deliver! It’s like we turned a snooze-fest into a game night!

      Martin Houtman
      Testmanager – Municipality Rotterdam
    • reviews-800x500-sebastian-mardones hermes reviews-800x500-sebastian-mardones hermes

      „Pleased to endorse Zach’s information security pub quiz pack. It has facilitated a remarkable improvement in our team’s understanding of information security, thereby strengthening our operations.

      Sebastian Mardones Hermes
      Process Owner – USG People

      Find out why so many teams already love it

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