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Is it safe to type my real password here?

While I don’t store your password, your password will be checked against data breaches, via the service ““. To assess strength, you can consider checking a password similar to yours. However, it won’t provide accurate data breach exposure info.

How do you calculate password strength?

I use a tool called “zxcvbn”. Learn more here.

How do I create a strong password?

You can try the BitWarden Password Generator, here.

What’s the best way to manage my passwords?

I recommend using a password manager, like, 1Password, NordPass, Bitwarden, or mSecure. You can read more about it at Cnet and Pcmag.

Reference Notes:

You may already be aware of my collaboration with the Dutch government and their endorsement of my Information Security PubQuiz. If not, you can read about it here. Regrettably, the government education site that underpins part of my PubQuizzes is not available in English. Therefore, I’ve translated the articles from “” and “” and you can read them on my site. The original source for this article, in Dutch, can be found here.