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Is Banking with an App Safe?

Mobile banking and viewing your bank account via an app on your smartphone or tablet is safe, especially compared to internet banking via a browser on a public Wi-Fi network. Additionally, with the app, you can’t make a mistake in the website link, as it takes you directly to your banking environment.

Secure Your Smartphone or Tablet

Of course, there are things you can do to bank more safely with an app. For example, secure your smartphone and tablet. Banks also take necessary measures so you can safely bank with an app. For example, with most banks, you can only transfer to known account numbers. These are account numbers to which you have transferred money in the past or that are in your bank’s address book. Often there is also a maximum amount that you can transfer. You can find more information about the app and its security on your bank’s website.

Download the App

In the app store, you can find and download your bank’s banking app on your smartphone or tablet. Or check out your bank’s website:

Top 20 Worldwide:

  1. JPMorgan Chase –
  2. Bank of America –
  3. Citigroup (Citi) –
  4. Wells Fargo –
  5. HSBC –
  6. Barclays –
  7. Deutsche Bank –
  8. Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) –
  9. Bank of China –
  10. China Construction Bank –
  11. Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC) –
  12. Agricultural Bank of China –
  13. Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group –
  14. BNP Paribas –
  15. Credit Agricole –
  16. ING Group –
  17. Banco Santander –
  18. Standard Chartered –
  19. UBS Group –
  20. Credit Suisse –

Top 20 in Europe:

  1. HSBC Holdings –
  2. BNP Paribas –
  3. Credit Agricole –
  4. Deutsche Bank –
  5. Banco Santander –
  6. Barclays –
  7. Société Générale –
  8. ING Group –
  9. Lloyds Banking Group –
  10. UBS Group –
  11. Credit Suisse –
  12. UniCredit –
  13. Royal Bank of Scotland –
  14. NatWest Group –
  15. Nordea Bank –
  16. Commerzbank –
  17. Intesa Sanpaolo –
  18. BBVA –
  19. Standard Chartered –
  20. Danske Bank –

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Reference Notes:

You may already be aware of my collaboration with the Dutch government and their endorsement of my Information Security PubQuiz. If not, you can read about it here. Regrettably, the government education site that underpins part of my PubQuizzes is not available in English. Therefore, I’ve translated the articles from “” and “” and you can read them on my site. The original source for this article, in Dutch, can be found here.